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creative regional cuisine

Awake Cafe is a Southern Indian coffee shop and we’re all about having fun with regional food. There’s more to Indian cuisine than we know! Have you ever had dosa before? It’s a crepe made from rice and lentils often eaten with spicy potatoes or a lentil stew. Our playful menu takes you on a journey starting in South India and ending where you least expected!

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craft coffee

Tea is assumed to be the national beverage of India, but did you know in the South it’s all about coffee? Imagine, vendors pulling hot frothy cups of filter coffee on the street, in restaurants, or snack stands everywhere.  Or imagine walking into your aunt’s house and a fresh, creamy cup is waiting for you on the table? Awake Cafe takes tradition and welcomes you in our home with fresh South Indian style coffee and craft coffee beverages to satisfy you all day long!


 sample menu